25 people who think Obama murdered Breitbart

Another two-fer post. You’ve probably heard by now that Andrew Breitbart died “unexpectedly” — not scare quotes, just quotes; we have no update on that yet.

Let the memes begin.

Meme 1Breitbart was murdered by Obama because Breitbart had “his college films.” Over at Buzzfeed, Matt Stopera has been collecting right-wing tweets on this one. Samples:

@DedraRussell tweets: “@mzagorski:Did Obama kill Breitbart?-“I Have Obama College Films” Andrew Breitbart:youtu.be/-fRQ2lIQ3Lg The Obama gay lover,coke habit ones

@docpotter tweets: Andrew Brietbart said he has secret college photos of Obama – now dead at 43!!! http://www.nationaljournal.com/tech/conservative-activist-andrew-breitbart-dies-at-43-20120301

Lots more here.

I predict this will never die, just like the “Clinton body count“. Martyrdom assured.

Meme 2Liberals should be ashamed of themselves for not honoring the dead. That’s your classic right-wing fog job. Breitbart had his way with Ted Kennedy’s still-warm corpse, but no one on the right shamed him. So why shame us?

That’s not a rhetorical question. There’s an answer. The goal in shaming us is to get us to shame each other. They win if we do (and they know it). And any one on the left who falls into that trap needs to be unconfused, quickly.

People get to feel however they want when anyone dies. And it’s not my job (or yours, or theirs) to shape someone else’s reaction to this beast having passed. Anyone on the left who shames others on the left is doing the work of the Right; it’s just that simple.

It’s a Fog Job, sowing confusion, like the fog job they did on the American flag. It was turned into a hate symbol by the Right during the Vietnam War, and then they pretend that not to wear it is “just” a lack of patriotism. I’m more patriotic than most, but I don’t wear the flag. Then again, I’m not afraid to say the flag is used as a hate symbol and I don’t wear hate symbols. Fog job.

About those “Obama college films” by the way, here’s the Breitbart speech that inspires that first meme.

Notice how much of what he says about us is exactly right about himself and his movement. Your 180 Tell in action, folks.

Oh, and if you really want to honor a man, no better way than to follow his example. Not my way, of course — death at 43 gives me the willies — but others may find it appropriate.


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