Utah House passes bill to let schools skip sex ed

Then more Utah kids may get sexual transmitted diseases and HIV as a result – oh yeah, they’ll also get pregnant at 13 years of age.  How that’s more Christian, or Mormon, I’ll never know.  From the Salt Lake Tribune we learn that it’s actually even worse than that:

Lawmakers also, however, changed the bill on the House floor to prohibit schools that continue to teach sex education from instructing students in “the use of contraceptive methods or devices.”

And what would Utah be without people using government to jam their religion down the throats of others:

King also noted that not everyone in Utah believes premarital sex is harmful, and it may not be right to “force our beliefs down the throats” of those Utahns.

And perhaps my favorite quote from the entire article:

“Maybe you’ve noticed that the world has figured out how to populate itself over thousands of years without sex education,” said Rep. LaVar Christensen, R-Draper.

Right, because that’s what sex education is about. Making sure that kids know how to get naked.

Also, did you get his reference to the world populating itself “over thousands of years”?  Modern humans originated around 200,000 years ago, but people have been having sex and populating the planet a lot longer than that – human-like primates go back millions of years.  Thousands of years.  These guys, Republicans of course, wear ignorant as a badge of honor.

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