Gallup: 47% of Americans support Obamacare repeal

It’s easy to see how Obamacare doesn’t go far enough, but how could anyone want to go back to the expensive disaster of the past? The Democrats – and Obama’s team in particular – did and continue to do a poor job of selling the health care program. Surely people can’t honestly like the old model, no? Gallup:

Americans divide evenly when asked if they favor (47%) or oppose (44%) a Republican president’s repealing the 2010 healthcare law if elected this November. Republicans overwhelmingly favor repeal (87%) and Democrats overwhelmingly oppose it (77%). However, Republicans hold their views much more intensely than Democrats, with 56% of Republicans strongly favoring repeal and 39% of Democrats strongly opposing it. Thus, a Republican president would have a clear mandate from his own party’s supporters to attempt to overturn the law, as all of the Republican candidates have vowed to do if elected. However, such a position may turn off about as many independent voters as it attracts.

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