Former NY Cardinal retracts apology for enabling child rapists: “I don’t think we did anything wrong”

Of course he doesn’t.  And that’s why President Obama should go down to the health care negotiations with the Catholic bishops and kick their pedophile-enabling butts out the door.  How he can stomach having them lecture him about morality.  While President Obama was killing bin Laden, the Catholic church was continuing to make excuses for pedophiles.  And still are.  As Joe wrote this morning, the former Catholic archbishop of New York, Cardinal Egan, one of the most powerful Catholic officials in America, has retracted his ten year old apology for the pedophilia scandal.  He now says it was a mistake to apologize, the church did nothing wrong.

Yeah, if you consider nearly 1/4 of the alleged rapes being children under the age of 10 “nothing.”

Where do they find these people?

They don’t need to find them at all, they make them.  It’s a culture of corruption and privilege.  It’s about absolute power.  The effects of millennia of sexual repression.  And a long history of getting it wrong, from the Inquisition to Galileo to today’s child rape scandal.  Our own modern-day Borgias in red-technicolor and Prada, coming into your homes, and your bedrooms, both figuratively and literally.  If you’re a woman they want you pregnant, if you’re gay they want you celibate, but if you’re a ten year old boy there’s room for negotiation.

“I don’t think we did anything wrong.”

Yeah, I guess all the little boys and all the little girls were simply asking for it.

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