Obama admin to force airlines to disclose the full fare, fees and all, up front

Hallelujah.  I for one am sick and tired of paying $50 extra for bags, and God knows what else, only to find that my $230 ticket is really $300.  What’s worse, some online air travel sites include the fees in the advertised price, some don’t.  It’s a cute little gimmick the airlines came up with, charging us for every little thing they can come up with since they’re all in collusion anyway, and they’re basically a monopoly industry in this country, where adequate cross country train travel is non-existent (meaning, I have no reasonable alternative to flying to Chicago from DC when the train takes 24 hours and I don’t have a car).  So kudos to the Obama administration for forcing the airlines to be up front about their fares.  Maybe next  we can find out how all the airlines magically charge the same fare, to the penny, for the same routes.

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