Guess which presidents killed manufacturing jobs in the last 20 years? Their names are Bush

Newt Gingrich is off claiming, with an unflappable voice of authority, of course, that President Obama has killed manufacturing jobs for three years now. Except that, according to independent fact-checker Politifact, Newt would be wrong. Oh but it gets better. Which presidents have increased manufacturing jobs, and which have killed them, over the past 24 years? Take a look at the list from Politifact:

Barack Obama: Increase of 157,368 manufacturing jobs per year in office
George W. Bush: Decrease of 434,143 manufacturing jobs per year in office

Bill Clinton: Increase of 37,143 manufacturing jobs per year in office
George H.W. Bush: Decrease of 336,000 manufacturing jobs per year in office

Ronald Reagan: Increase of 1,429 manufacturing jobs per year in office
Jimmy Carter: Increase of 15,333 manufacturing jobs per year in office

Yes, since 1988, every time we’ve had a Republican in office we’ve lost manufacturing jobs, and every time we’ve had a Democrat we’ve gained them.  Heck, even Jimmy Carter beat Reagan and all the rest of the Republicans.  And Reagan was still far worse than any of the Democratic presidents.

This goes along nicely with a post I wrote back in July, in which I determined that 71% of the national debt occurred under GOP presidents, while 28% occurred under Democratic presidents (the data wasn’t clear on who created the last 1%).

GOP Presidents      Dem Presidents
$9.5 trillion            $3.8 trillion

Total debt is $14.3 trillion.
$1 trillion of debt comes from before Reagan (NYT doesn’t make clear who created that debt).
$13.3 trillion accumulated from Reagan to Obama.

71% of the $13.3 trillion was under GOP presidents.
28% of the $13.3 trillion was under Dem presidents.

(Source: NYT pieced together data from Treasury, OMB, Federal Reserve Bank of NY, and more)

PS And before anyone says “you have to look at who controlled Congress,” I don’t recall the Republicans worrying about that fact when they blamed Obama for the deficit and the national debt.

What’s more, I also don’t recall any Republican presidents vetoing the debt ceiling increase during their tenure. In fact, many of the biggest causes of the national debt were GOP presidential initiatives, such as:

* Reagan defense budgets and tax cuts
* George HW Bush gulf war
* George W Bush tax cuts, wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

So if we really want to talk the deficit and unemployment, and which party always seems to be around when things go south, look no further than the facts.

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