UC Davis cops caught lying about pepper-spraying OWS student protesters at sit-in

Man, the lies just keep coming from the UC Davis police:

“There was no way out of that circle,” Spicuzza said. “They were cutting the officers off from their support. It’s a very volatile situation.”

The cops claim they were “surrounded” by angry preppy students holding up cells phones taking pictures, so in order to stop this supposedly angry mob that had encircled them, the cops instead bent down and shot pepper-spray into the faces of an entirely different group of students who were just sitting on the ground peacefully and looking at their feet.

That’s the best you guys can come up with?  Group A was threatening us and blocking our escape so we bent down and attacked Group B. Riiiight.

It’s clear from the video evidence that the cops weren’t in any way afraid for their lives, and the “mob” wasn’t a mob at all (have a look at the very dangerous mob that put the cops in fear for their lives). But even if it were true, even if the cops truly were afraid that the preppy children with cameras were going to snap their photo to death, how can the cops claim they did this to protect themselves from that same angry mob when the cops didn’t direct their pepper fire at the angry mob?

They’re lying. Check out the photos, check out the videos. The cops are sauntering around, pretty casually, and in the end they attack an entirely different group of students than the ones they were supposedly so afraid of. The UC Davis police are lying to the world.

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