Timeline of Gingrich’s affairs, marriages, and divorces

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HuffPost has a nice timeline of Newt Gingrich’s various wives and affairs.  It’s kind of fascinating to see it all in one place, to see the patterns, etc.  Here’s a summary:

1. Gingrich started dating Jackie, who was to be his first wife, when he was a 16 year old in high school, she was his geometry teacher (you can’t make this stuff up), 7 to 9 years his senior. They married in 1962. She’s the one he, allegedly, famously, served divorce papers while she was in the hospital recovering from cancer surgery.

2. Gingrich reportedly had girlfriends (plural) during his unsuccessful run for Congress in the mid 70s. That’s when one of the women came forward and said that Gingrich liked to have oral sex because then he could deny having “slept” with the woman.

3. In 1981, Gingrich marries his second wife, Marianne, who he started dating while still married to his first wife, Jackie. Gingrich asked her to marry him before he was even divorced.

4. 1999, Gingrich meets third wife, Callista, 26 years his junior, while still married to second wife, Marianne. Second wife is diagnosed with MS, Gingrich divorces her and marries third (remember that the first wife had surgery for cancer when he divorced her – it’s at least an interesting coincidence). He allegedly already had asked wife number three to marry him before he asked wife number two for the divorce.

These “youthful” indiscretions span 25 years of Gingrich’s adult life.  (That’s assuming the first affair was in 1974, there’s no way to know if they started earlier.)  And if you include a teacher having an affair with an underage student (again, the pattern of favoring illicit affairs), then it’s much more than 25. That’s one heck of a long, repetitive, pattern to now claim you’ve broken.

Why does it matter?  Because Gingrich took the lead in going after Bill Clinton for his affair.  Gingrich is also one of the GOP’s lead moralists-in-chief, on every issue under the sun.  The hypocrisy, and intellectually dishonesty, is rank.

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