Stan Freberg’s Thanksgiving classic: “Pilgrim’s Progress (Take an Indian to Lunch)”

A Stan Freberg classic, from his brilliant 1961 album of historical sketches and songs, Stan Freberg Modestly Presents the United States of America, Volume One: The Early Years.

This is the Thanksgiving piece, and it includes the wonderful song “Take an Indian to Lunch (This Week)”. He was writing about blacks and civil rights, but this could easily apply to Muslims and immigrants today.


“We know everyone can’t be
As American as we.”

So true.

In case you missed it, that comment about the Indian candidate “taking orders directly from Chief Powhatan” is a reference to a criticism of the Catholic John Kennedy — that he’d take orders from the Pope instead of being a good secular leader. We’ve come a long way, haven’t we? (More on Powhatan here.)

And in other news, God is an ironist.


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