Occupy London receives eviction notices

But remember, there has not been any coordination anywhere with the evictions taking place in the last few days. None at all. It’s no wonder other parts of the world are so jealous (supposedly) of our democratic systems that do such a fine job of protecting the elite and stomping on anyone who dares challenge the system including 84 year old retired school teachers. Oh wait, that’s the system they already have.

The City of London Corporation has attached eviction notices to tents outside St Paul’s Cathedral, telling activists to move them from the public highways by 6pm on Thursday or face legal action.

It is the latest development in a month-long saga that has pitted the protest movement Occupy London against the corporation, the local authority for the Square Mile, and St Paul’s. Both institutions own the land around the church but only the corporation is pressing ahead with court proceedings.

The notice is addressed to “each and every person taking part in and/or having erected tents or other structures at St Paul’s Churchyard EC4”.

The Occupy protesters both in the UK and US have been mostly peaceful, but one wonders how this will work out when the authorities are forcing them out. Wouldn’t it have been nice if there had been so much action against the “repugnant” bankers who caused the economic problems?

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