NYPD clears out Occupy camp – 70 arrested

Mayor Bloomberg is saying that people can return after the park has been cleaned and restored. Many are complaining that the police provided no notice and discarded personal belongings during the process. This will be a story to follow today to see if the NYPD and city of New York can keep their word. NY Times:

The protesters, about 200 of whom have been staying in the park overnight, resisted with chants of “Whose park? Our park!” as officers began moving in and tearing down tents. The protesters rallied around an area known as the kitchen, near the middle of the park and began building barricades with tables and pieces of scrap wood.

The officers, who had gathered between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges and then rode in vans along Broadway, moved into the one-square-block park shortly after 1 a.m.

As they did, dozens of protesters linked arms and shouted “No retreat, no surrender,” “This is our home” and “Barricade!” At least a couple of arrests were reported just outside the park, but details were not immediately available.

It wouldn’t be an NYPD event without mass arrests. The excuse is “health and safety” but of course, the NYPD continues to create health and safety issues with their one-sided handling of the events.

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