NBC hires Chelsea Clinton

From Michael Calderone at HuffPost:

Chelsea Clinton may have officially joined the media on Monday, but several journalists who covered the 2008 election remain skeptical about the press-averse former First Daughter entering their ranks.

“The supreme irony of Chelsea Clinton becoming an NBC reporter: I’m pretty sure she’s never granted an interview,” tweeted The New York Times’ Jodi Kantor.

The New York Times’ Amy Chozick, who covered the 2008 election for the Wall Street Journal, responded that not only did Clinton refuse to give interviews, but “seemed to absolutely hate us on [Clinton’s campaign] plane.” In another tweet, Chozick wrote that Clinton “disdained reporters.” (Chozick, reached by phone, declined to elaborate.)

Politico’s Ken Vogel tweeted that Clinton gave reporters the “total cold shoulder” during the previous election cycle. And Glenn Thrush echoed his Politico colleague’s experience on Twitter: “In ’08, Chelsea Clinton (in NH) told me ‘Sorry, I don’t talk to the media.’ I said, ‘But you are all grown up now.’ Now she IS the media.”

Well, she could have disdain for the reporters she’s dealt with and still not have disdain for the profession. Maybe she’s going to make journalism reputable, kind of like what gay Republicans claim they’re going to do to the Republican party but then never do.

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