NATO now blames Pakistan for starting fight

Oh please. At this point, nobody really wants to hear about who started the fight. It’s like listening to a bunch of five year old kids argue about “he hit me, no he hit me first.” Regardless, it comes back to the same question over where this never-ending war is going. From an outsiders perspective, it looks like it’s war for the sake of war. The Guardian:

An attack by Nato aircraft on Pakistani troops that allegedly killed as many as 28 soldiers and looks set to further poison relations between the US and Pakistan was an act of self-defence, a senior western official has claimed.

According to the Kabul-based official, a joint US-Afghan force operating in the mountainous Afghan frontier province of Kunar was the first to come under attack in the early hours of Saturday morning, forcing them to return fire.

The high death toll from an incident between two supposed allies suggests Nato helicopters and jets strafed Pakistani positions with heavy weapons.

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