Cain holds press conference, claims he never met accuser Bialek. Second accuser wants to go public.

“I saw Ms. Allred and her client yesterday in that news conference for the very first time.”

Well, now he’s in trouble.  Cain said today that he categorically never met his one public accuser, Sharon Bialek  All we need is one photo, one witness, to claim that he saw the two of them together, and it’s over.  It’s really over for Cain anyway.  I don’t know how you face this man accusations from this many women and run an effective presidential campaign.  How does Cain get the media to focus on anything else.

Wait a minute.  Now, later on in the press conference, Cain is saying that there’s a possibility he met the accuser, but he doesn’t remember.  That’s not what he said earlier.  Earlier in the same presser he said he never met her.

And now a second woman wants to hold a press conference.  From the Washington Post:

One of the women who accused GOP presidential contender Herman Cain of sexual harassment in the 1990s said she wants to go public — now that her name has been revealed — and hold a joint news conference with all of the women making similar allegations.

She’s another blonde.  HuffPost has more on the press conference.  Matt Ortega, over at AMERICAblog Elections, notes that Cain said he’s willing to take a lie detector test.  Matt also said that this is starting to become serious fodder for an SNL skit, and he had a great one from when SNL spoofed Ross Perot.

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