Andrew Sullivan: “Whatever it is on the campus at UC Davis, it is not a democracy. It’s a police state.”

Andrew Sullivan on the police brutality on display at UC Davis:

Whatever it is on the campus at UC Davis, it is not a democracy. It’s a police state. For helmeted cops to be openly pepper-spraying unarmed peacefully demonstrating students at a fucking campus is not American. The over-reaction, the lack of professionalism, the random sadism of this boggles the mind.

These kids are harming no-one and exercising a core First Amendment right. The only response to this, to my mind, is to return to that spot in massive numbers and maintain a rigorous nonviolence in defense not just of their cause, but of the First Amendment itself: a sit-in, in other words, in defense of the First Amendment.

You can forgive, but hold accountable, officers who make mistakes in the heat of the moment. But taking glee in spraying pepper spray in the faces of unarmed students is an ugly, ugly event.

Background on this story here.

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