NPR finds GOP Sen. Marco Rubio misinforming about his family history again

All Things Considered covered the story yesterday. Here’s more elsewhere on NPR:

In a 2009 interview with NPR reporter Robert Siegel, Rubio said that his mother went to visit her father in Cuba in 1960, because he had gotten in an accident and was stuck in the hospital.

He went on: “When the time came to come home, the Cuban government wouldn’t let her. So my dad was here in Miami, working, and desperate. … And they would go to the airport every day for nine months waiting to be let go, and finally they were able to come and it was very frightening. And I think that’s when they knew for sure that thats not the place they wanted to be.”

Records show that Rubio’s mother entered Cuba on Feb. 27, 1961, and she left on March 29, 1961.

Rubio’s office claimed that the Washington Post got the story wrong when they reported a few days ago that Rubio had lied about his parents supposedly fleeing Cuba after Castro took over – in fact, they left Cuba three years before Castro.

It’s difficult to believe Rubio’s claim that he didn’t make his family’s supposed “flight from Castro” a bit part of his personal story.  I come from an immigrant family.  And your parent’s voyage from the old country to this one is a huge part of who you are, especially in tight families like Greeks, and I suspect Cubans.  Getting the story this wrong, repeatedly, is suspicious.  Especially considering that no one in his family supposedly every corrected him – not mom, not dad, not his brother?  Seriously?

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