Pol: 2/3 say creating jobs more important than cutting deficit


Two-thirds believe that creating jobs should take precedence over the federal budget deficit and only 29 percent say reducing the deficit should be more important that reducing unemployment.

And the public is fine with providing disaster assistance not funded by additional cuts.

In the wake of recent natural disasters, Americans also prioritize disaster relief over the deficit. Six in 10 want federal aid to the victims of recent hurricanes and wildfires even if that amount of money is not cut from other government programs.

The problem is that we’ve had the polls on our side before, but the Democrats still chicken out. At some point the Democrats, and that includes the President, need to call the bluff of the GOP and force them to do something bad like kill the new stimulus. The GOP only has to do it once for the public to get the message and exact retribution. Then, no more hostages. By giving in to GOP demands from the beginning of the Obama term, Democrats have created, and enabled, a GOP monster. And that monster is now crippling our economy even further, in addition to potentially costing the President his job, and us control of the Senate.

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