Latest on government shutdown showdown; Teabaggers sell out

Sounds like some pretty weak tea, from ThinkProgress:

On Wednesday night, House Republicans failed to pass a continuing resolution to keep the government funded beyond Sept. 30, as 48 Republicans cut ranks with their leadership and voted against the measure (as did all but six Democrats, who object to the bill’s level of disaster aid and cuts to a vehicle manufacturing program). House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) was reportedly incensed at the members who abandoned him on the vote, deriding them as “know-it-alls who have all the right answers.”

But early this morning, the House was able to pass a CR, after Boehner and the Republican leadership added a $100 million cut to a Department of Energy loan program. Other than that cut, the bill was exactly the same as the one the House defeated on Wednesday. But the additional cut was enough to entice 23 Republican members into flipping their votes.

Just to be clear, the Teabagger Republicans who switched their votes and are now for the CR switched it for the measly $100 million cut out an entire $1 trillion bill. I believe that’s a 0.01% cut from the bill. Wow, I think I can see the deficit shrinking from my kitchen window!

So, in the end, the Teabagger caucus in the House is just like every other corrupt Republican member of Congress. Put enough pressure on them, and they sell out their principles.

Of course, the CR still may be in trouble.  Democrats say it’s not nearly enough money to help pay for the natural disasters nationwide, and Democrats have demanded that Republicans pass a clean bill, with no offsets.  So stay tuned.

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