Fox News/NY Post slam Obama for using a paper clip. Way to slander an American-made product.

As Media Matters, points out, this is beyond mindlessly petty. The New York Post ‘story’:

President Obama’s plan to reverse the nation’s staggering jobless rate is held together with a paper clip!

“Here it is,” Obama said, waving a copy of his jobs plan during a ceremony in the White House Rose Garden yesterday, an enormous paper clip binding the pages together.

Faux News broadcast the same story so this is clearly on the list of GOP talking points of the day.

Of course had the jobs bill been presented in a leather bound volume Faux News would have run a story about waste in the Federal government and suggested that the White House use inexpensive binder clips instead.

NOTE FROM JOHN: It’s fascinating the Republicans have chosen to slander a product that, you might be surprised to find out, is almost exclusively Made in the US of A.  Americans buy 11 billion paper clips a year, and almost all of them are made in America.  From the WSJ:

Though the U.S. long ago ceded manufacturing of such items as cellphones and computers to lower-cost producers, it still prevails in paper clips. Most of the estimated 11 billion sold each year in the U.S. are made domestically.

ACCO, the No. 1 U.S. clip maker, once known as American Clip Co., traces its history to 1903, when Fred J. Kline began making paper clips on Long Island, N.Y. ACCO now makes far more money from other products, including staplers and binding equipment, and says clips account for less than 1% of annual sales.

If I were the President, I’d wait for the first Republican to open his mouth about this, then get before the cameras and have a talk about how petty the Republicans have become, that they’ve actually reverted to criticizing paper clips. Americans are unemployed and the GOP is worrying about paper clips. Then I’d crow about how the paper clip is a made in America product and how even though the GOP may mock it, Obama is proud to support an American success story as ordinary as the simple paper clip (and people will chuckle and think the President is the adult in the room).

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