Anyone else watching the Teabagger debate?

Just got in from Chicago.  Turned on the Teabagger debate.  Bachmann feisty.  And what was that gay little finger, face smirch thing from Perry was a bit odd.  Feel free to jump in in the comments and discuss the debate (or whatever).  I’ll be adding commentary, as necessary.

Health care is expensive?  Ya think?  I always get a kick out of Teabaggers complaining about expensive health care in America.  Your elected officials are quite happy keeping things this way in order to help their friends in big business.

Romney uses “Democrat President” slur and let’s see if Wolf calls him on it.  I seriously doubt it, the media never does call Republicans on this weird, childish attempt to slur Dems by using Democrat as an adjective. It’s weird.

Audience member cries out “yeah!” when Wolf asks Ron Paul if someone without insurance is supposed to just die.

Bachmann is committed?  She should be committed.

What is Santorum doing answering a question about “what are you doing to attract Latino voters,” and turning his answer into a diatribe about English as the national language.  The question was about how you get Latino votes.  Santorum clearly isn’t trying to woo Latino voters.  Bachmann is off on an illegal immigrant rant too.  Learn the English language.  The question was wooing American Latinos, and Bachmann and Santorum are saying they’d better learn God d-mn English.  Because Latino voters in America don’t speak English?  And they’re all here illegally?  And Wolf didn’t even catch the fact that they answered a question about wooing Latinos by talking about cutting off illegal immigration.

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