Loud pharmacists

I was mentioning to Chris the other day about how I always seem to have bad luck with American pharmacists who feel the need to tell everyone standing behind me in line exactly what it is I’m getting that day. My visit usually goes something like this:

ME: Hi, picking up a prescription order for Aravosis.

PHARMACIST: (looks through orders) John? (Because there are a lot of other Aravosis’ who go to my pharmacy, as you can imagine).

ME: Yes, that’s it. Just one order.

PHARMACIST: That’s one order of (insert drug here), right?

ME: (sheepishly) Yes.

This happens to me a lot. And I don’t necessarily mind it when I’m buying a cholesterol drug, but some ailments you really don’t want to broadcast to everyone in line behind you, and that’s the story behind this cute little video Chris pulled up of a South African pharmacist.

(Oh, and I get that the pharmacist want to verify that it’s the right order, but they can show me the drug directly rather than broadcasting it to everyone in line. And I won’t even go into my even more embarrassing pharmacy experience – that one’s for my memoirs, when I’m 90.)

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