London police searching houses over riots

Fine, round up the thugs but why don’t we ever see such determined action when it’s Wall Street? The last time I checked, they caused a lot more damage and the costs aren’t even close. The bankers have looted the global economy and smashed the middle class and poor to pieces but that is OK apparently. Somehow it’s only OK to crack down on crime when it’s not white collar crime. Of course, inaction against the corrupt elite is why there are protests around the world but that point hasn’t quite made it through the thick heads of the ruling class.

Police in London raided houses to round up more rioting suspects Thursday as Britain’s big cities remained largely quiet after four days of rioting and looting that drew thousands of police officers onto the streets.

Prime Minister David Cameron issued a stern warning that order would be restored by whatever means necessary.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Stephen Kavanagh said the raids to round up suspects began overnight, and more than 100 warrants would be executed. Police have already arrested almost 900 people in London since trouble began on Saturday, and 371 have been charged.

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