If corporations are people, is Marriott Mormon?

Either he’s worrying about fallout from his previous “companies are people” comment, or he actually thinks this is an argument that will resonate with folks.

Strictly speaking, yes, companies are made up of individuals. But… it’s a bit of a stretch to suggest that somehow you’re taxing the janitor who cleans Microsoft’s offices when you tax Microsoft. I seriously doubt he sees a significantly larger paycheck when Microsoft makes more money any particular year. It’s a corporation, not a commune. More from Digby.

Not to mention, as far as being people, corporations are pretty nasty people, generally speaking. It’s not like many of them have much of a metaphorical soul, which anyone who has ever tangled with one (either as a consumer or a political advocate) knows. If corporations are people, they’re rather selfish, self-centered people who would cut your throat if it served their financial interests, so let’s not get carried away here.

One other point. Mormons keep telling us that even though Marriott is a Mormon business, it has nothing to do with the Mormon church or the church’s nasty tendency to try to ram it’s far-right, and often bigoted, beliefs down America’s throat via legislative fiat. But if Romney is right, and corporations really ARE the people that work there, then Marriott really is Mormon, and by extension, Marriott is the Mormon faith (I mean, if corps are people, then corps must also share the faith of the people who run them).

So those of us who have a problem with Mormons trying to force the rest of us to live according to their intolerant heavy-handed beliefs should therefore have a problem with Marriott and other Mormon-run corporations? Corps are people, right.

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