Geithner refuses to blame GOP for debt ceiling blackmail

Treasury Secretary Geithner says it would be “political” to accuse the GOP of being the ones who refused to pass the debt ceiling and thus got S&P; to downgrade us.  He says Congress, in general, is to blame.  That means Democrats are to blame too. Which is flat out untrue, unless you count the President, who has enabled the Republicans from the beginning, and continues to enable them through statements like this, where administration representatives just cannot bring themselves to blame the Republicans.

If you were a Republican, and you knew the President was going to have your back, and refuse to blame you, regardless of what you did, why wouldn’t you continue to not only take hostages, but take more and more?  It’s not “politics” to simply state a fact as to who caused a problem in the first place.

Check the transcript of Geithner’s interview about the GOP hostage crisis.  The word “Republican” is said once, and only by the interviewer.  In fact, when Geithner is asked whether the GOP did this,  he demurs.

JOHN HARWOOD: You said a moment ago that Congress owns the credit rating. John Kerry, Democratic Senator, said today, “This is the Tea Party downgrade.” Is that right?

TIM GEITHNER: Well, I wouldn’t– I’m not going to do politics, John. And I think if we’ve learned anything these last few months it’s– it’s time to put the economy ahead of politics. Again, these are challenges facing the country of the United States, not– not facing one party or the other. We both have some responsibility for coming together to dig our way out of this stuff.

And, again, this was– you know, it’s a big down payment on our fiscal challenges. Very strong bipartisan support for it. Our challenge is to build on that support and try to take the next steps that make some longer term progress. You know, we need to reform our tax system to help the middle class make this a stronger place to invest. Obviously we need to reform entitlement to secure Medicare for the next generation. And we’ve got to do some additional things to make the economy strong.

And what do you know – Medicare is back on the table! Which is odd, since the DNC just the other day issued a statement attacking Republicans for threatening Medicare when it’s the White House, and now Geithner, a senior administration official, who keeping putting Medicare on the table. It’s just not clear how any Democrat can any longer say with a straight face that the Republicans are the ones attacking Medicare. The President pretty took that issue away from us during these past negotiations, and Geithner does it again right here.

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