Ed Schultz calls out Obama about engagement in Wisconsin

This is a terrific piece from Ed Schultz on Obama’s non-involvement in the Wisconsin recall elections. Ignore for a second the “bad advice” framing that gives Obama a public pass (my notes on that are below).

The rest is pure calling-out. Watch and learn (and enjoy John Nichols at the end; always a treat):


Dead right. Do you think Obama could have delivered 5000 votes in the Darling recall election? Why, do you think, he didn’t?

My thoughts are pretty predictable, of course. I think Obama’s a winner; he gets most of what he wants; and he doesn’t want to mix it up in actual populist causes.

His cause is the battle between banking-billionaires and oil-and-gas–billionaires, and he wants his billionaires to come out ahead. This populist stuff? Rubes. What baron backs the Peasants’ Revolt?

So, watch Schultz and his future. He sounds like he means this. I give him a pass on his “Obama getting bad advice” framing — that little bow is how you keep your seat at the Big Media table (unless you have bigger sponsors than he currently has). Everything Schultz says outside that frame is right on; he gets it. And he’s throwing “change” in face of Mr. Change.

Which means, I think Schultz is on a collision course with the Obama administration. He’s dangerously close to being way off the reservation. Will he pull back as 2012 approaches? Will he grow a powerful enough protector to stay on the air (Maddow perhaps)?

Or will he just outright cave? Stay tuned.


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