White House pushes back on Social Security cut story

I’d like to believe them. I’m just not entirely sure why we should.  The President has never been one to hold firm to his convictions without some serious duress, so while a statement from the White House might possibly reflect where the President is today, it doesn’t say anything about where he’ll be tomorrow.  Yes, a girl has the right to change her mind, but in this case, it’s less a right than a guarantee.  Which makes statements, and promises, from the West Wing somewhat less than reassuring.  From Sam Stein at HuffPost:

The Obama administration is pushing back against a Wednesday night report that the president is prepared to offer cuts to Social Security as part of a deal to raise the debt ceiling.

“The story overshoots the runway,” said a senior administration official. “The President said in the State of the Union that he wanted a bipartisan process to strengthen Social Security in a balanced way that preserves the promise of the program and doesn’t slash benefits.”

“While it is definitely not a driver of the deficit,” the official added, “it does need to be strengthened.”

That sounds a bit like “it’s a lie that we’re caving on Social Security today, we did that yesterday.”

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