Unemployment up in GOP strongholds Texas and South Carolina

Wait, so does this mean that GOP policies are damaging the employment situation? South Carolina voted for a Teabagger favorite and Texas reelected another GOP extremist who talked about leaving the union. Sounds like their extremist policies are not paying off for the population.

For South Carolina, the GOP made job creation a priority but it’s not looking good. Maybe Fox News wants to pick up on this since they liked bashing the Democrats so much. If they want to stay consistent, fair and balanced, they really ought to start hammering away at the Republican policies and job losses. Of course, we all know they have no interest in being fair and balanced.

South Carolina’s unemployment rate spiked to 10.5 percent in June from 10 percent in May — the largest over-the-month unemployment rate increase in the nation, followed by Alabama, Arkansas and Illinois with plus .3 percent each.

“We’ve thrown everything we’ve got at this recession and nothing is working,” said College of Charleston economist Frank Hefner. “We have a structural problem. The recession was a meltdown and we haven’t seen anything like that since the 1930s. I hate to think that the new normal is 10 percent unemployment.”

June is the second month in a row that the state’s jobless rate jumped, after a steady, 16-month decline from a high of 11.7 percent in January 2010 to 9.8 percent in April, according to numbers released Friday by the state Department of Employment and Workforce.

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