Tony Blair blames Labour failure on Gordon Brown

Umm, no. The egomaniac Blair, much like Bill Clinton, killed the left by becoming corporate suckup and putting a smiley face on the party so it was mildly better than the right. Both assholes like to see how good the good old days were but neither likes to accept their own very large responsibility for the economic crisis that we’re in today. Blair, ever the hypocrite, now works as a banker making millions. If that’s the “third way” then screw the entire system. Gordon Brown was no prize but he should give a public FU to Tony Blair. The Labour Party and the Democratic Party are both hollow shells of what they used to be because of people like this.

In the US, this is why we’re seeing a discussion about cutting Medicare and Social Security. It started with bank “reform” that led to a global recession and it just keeps moving to the right. No thanks.

The former prime minister said the 13-year Labour government should be remembered in two phases – his and Brown’s – and there was “no continuity” between the two.

In a speech in London to the New Labour thinktank Progress, Blair also advocated a “pick and mix” of policy that did not adhere to old narratives of left and right. He urged the party to let go of some of its old ideologies in order to arrive at the “right” policy decisions.

He said: “I remain unremittingly an advocate of third-way, centre-ground, progressive politics that came to be called New Labour. From 1997 to 2007 we were New Labour. In June 2007 we stopped.

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