Midwest thunderstorms

Midwestern thunderstorms are something I miss terribly, living in DC.  Sure we get the occasional thunderstorm, and the occasionally big thunderstorm, but not like back home.  Shot these in Chicago on Saturday.  A few photos, then a few videos.

The lightning storm, where I got the above shots, was amazing.  At its peak, it was just non-stop flashes of light, almost mesmerizing. Here are a few minutes of video I took of it.

This, below, was some video I tried shooting with my iphone. Not as good of quality as the other vid, but I did capture one great blast of lightning.

I’m not sure if you can totally appreciate the color of the sky in this final video. It was turning green. Any midwesterner can tell you about that green. It’s the green that comes before a tornado (doesn’t guarantee a tornado, but it’s often associated with tornado watches and warnings out here – and it’s never a sign of something good).  (With a special appearance by mom’s voice, and Sasha shrieking in the background because she’s been left behind inside the house.)

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