GOP Senator Olympia Snowe says no-deal on including cuts to Social Security and Medicare in debt talks

Via ThinkProgress:

Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe (ME) said she will not support any debt deal that includes cuts to the two social safety net programs, citing “strong bipartisan support.” “There are solvency problems with both programs. They have to be addressed but not as part of the debt reduction talks,” Snowe told the Bangor Daily News. It’s unclear how she would square that position with her support for a balanced budget amendment. But Snowe added, “There are a lot of tax credits that are not needed and should be repealed” — a position with which Maine’s other Republican senator, Susan Collins, agreed. “We spend billions of dollars a year in subsidies that go to some very wealthy corporate farmers,” Collins said. [emphasis added]

That’s a point I noted the other day, that it’s hard to say you’re not cutting Medicare and Social Security for all the wrong reasons, and are instead “strengthening it,” when it’s part of a deficit reduction negotiation. The entire purpose of the negotiation is to cut stuff. Now, that’s not to say you can’t make programs more efficient and save money, but come on. As the President said today, it’s about “trimming benefits.”

How about we trim those wars?

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