British NHS health care rationing begins

Despite what the GOP says, the US has already had rationing with health care. It was called private health insurance. The NHS has had it’s share of waiting (especially compared to France, which is public/private but is fast) but the Conservatives almost seem to be trying their darnedest to make the NHS unworkable. As we see with the Republicans in the US, they cut funding and then stand back and say “see, it doesn’t work so it needs to be scrapped.” The fact is, the NHS – warts and all – still ranks much higher than the US system. At least it did until the Tories decided to “modernize” it. The Independent:

Hip replacements, cataract surgery and tonsil removal are among operations now being rationed in a bid to save the NHS money.

Two-thirds of health trusts in England are rationing treatments for “non-urgent” conditions as part of the drive to reduce costs in the NHS by £20bn over the next four years. One in three primary-care trusts (PCTs) has expanded the list of procedures it will restrict funding to in the past 12 months.

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