Weiner speaks to media, but Breitbart took the podium first

Update from Gaius Publius (4:45 pm EST):


Saying that “I have made terrible mistakes and have hurt the people I care about the most,” a tearful Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) just admitted lying about a lewd photo he sent to a young woman and to having “inappropriate conversations” over social media and on the phone with “six women over the last three years.”

He also said he is not going to resign from office.

The congressman’s statement follows the posting online today of more photos of him that were allegedly sent to women in recent weeks — including some of a shirtless Weiner. The images surfaced on the BigGovernment.com website of conservative activist Andrew Breitbart.

And, at the tabloid-style website RadarOnline.com, there’s a story today about an unnamed woman who claims she recently engaged in many “sexting” exchanges with the married New York Democrat.

He says he’s never had sex outside his marriage; that no one was physically co-present (my word) in these exchanges. As I listen, he’s being badgered about apologizing to Andrew Breatbart and about his wife (with whom he says he’s come clean).

He sounds pretty shaken. His wife, by the way, is former (CORRECTION: present) Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

Two take-aways: (1) Watch for a week of Fox and Breitbart victory dancing. May not be a pretty sight.

(2) Watch for a full-court press for the scalp to come fully off the head (Weiner’s).

(3) I think Weiner will survive. Unless something else comes out, this is “just” text-sex and no more, and these are New Yorkers after all. (Of course, the key to the mayor’s or governor’s mansion may be out of reach for a bit.)

The Breitbart faux-vindication may be the worst fallout from this, when all is said and done. Mes centimes.


A bizarre afternoon on cable news. It pains me to write about this. And, remember, David Vitter, who broke the law, is still in the Senate. In fact, he was reelected last November.

Rep. Anthony Weiner scheduled a press conference to discuss the latest revelations in the scandal in which he’s enmeshed. It got more complicated today with the news of more photos.

Before Weiner took the podium, Andrew Breitbart got on the stage to talk to the media. Among other things, Breitbart said he had another photo of Weiner that he won’t produce unless Weiner keeps attacking him.

Then, a few minutes later, Weiner came on the stage to acknowledge that the tweeted photo was of him. He meant to send it as a direct message, but it went out publicly instead. Weiner said he panicked and claimed he was hacked. And, he admitted there have been other interactions with women online. He called them “online relationships.” He apologized profusely — mostly to his wife, Huma.

When asked if he could say that an x-rated photo does not exist, Weiner said he could not. He also said he would not resign.

The Q and A portion of the presser is still ongoing….it is painful.

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