Fox edits out Jon Stewart’s criticism of Fox exec

Surprise. From Media Matters:

Yesterday, Jon Stewart appeared on Fox News Sunday to discuss his sharp criticism of Fox News. But one uncomfortable reference to marching-order emails from a Fox News executive was cut from the program.

Speaking with host Chris Wallace, Stewart referenced emails from Fox News vice president and DC managing editor Bill Sammon to bolster his case that Fox News resembles “ideological regimes” who receive “marching orders.” Stewart told Wallace that Fox News “reminds me of, you know — you know, ideological regimes. They can’t understand that there is free media other places. Because they receive marching orders.” Stewart then said “and if you want me to go through Bill Sammon’s emails” but was cut off by Wallace.

Stewart was referencing a series of leaked emails that Media Matters released showing Sammon slanting his bureau’s reporting. In one email, Sammon ordered his news staff to cast doubt on established climate science. In another, Sammon directed staff not to use the phrase “public option,” but instead the GOP-friendly “government option” and similar phrases. Sammon also sent emails highlighting “Obama’s references to socialism, liberalism, Marxism and Marxists” in his 1995 autobiography and slanting Fox’s coverage of President Obama’s 2009 Cairo speech.

But viewers watching Fox News Sunday on-air wouldn’t have heard Stewart’s reference to Sammon because it didn’t appear on air. Stewart’s reference instead appears in the “unedited” interview that Fox News posted online.

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