Anatomy of a right-wing smear (aided by Scripps Howard)

AMERICAblog Reader John T wrote me yesterday about an email going around that claims Obama brought a ridiculous number of staff with him to the G-20 summit in London. The article didn’t smell right to me, so I googled it and found out that it’s actually an article from two years ago. But still, something didn’t seem right.

It was written by Dale McFeatters with Scripps Howard News Service, but the article never mentioned how many staff George Bush, for example, traveled abroad with, which I found odd. I mean, wouldn’t an article criticizing Obama for having a larger entourage than the Queen at least look at how much of an entourage George Bush took with him?

So I did a little more googling, and guess what? George Bush actually took more people with him abroad than Obama took to London two years ago. Funny that Mr. McFeatters didn’t bother mentioning that little fact in his screed.  And even funnier that Scripps Howard let him get away with that piece of yellow journalism.


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