Rolling Stone asks Donald Trump about his “most memorable orgasm” (seriously)

I understand the reporter’s desire to shake Trump up a bit, put him off his guard, especially after a really boring interview, but I think I’d have walked out on someone asking something this inappropriate.  It’s odd that the question didn’t even cause a blip in Trump’s response.  From Rolling Stone:

And then he goes on about the ratings of Celebrity Apprentice and the ratings of himself in presidential polls, both of which are “very, very” high. This is all well and good, but it’s incredibly boring, and eventually you are forced to cut him off, with, like, is there one orgasm in his life that he would consider the most memorable?

He leans back in his chair, tilts his head up, takes a long time to think this over, his cherubic cheeks reddening either with the effort of recollection or the maintenance of a boiler about to explode. At last, very smoothly, he says, “Well, always the children. And this building. Trump Tower.” A duller answer one cannot imagine. Maybe he’ll take a shine to something larger, like naming the central problem of existence.

What do you think? Coarsening the culture, or meh?

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