Immigration reform groups tell Obama to stop campaigning on DREAM Act

There seems to be a lack of understanding within the Obama team that people expect action more than words. We’ve seen a lot of talk about reforming Wall Street but they keep making more money. We hear that the wars are going to end but they keep fighting and spending tax dollars. It’s great to hear the administration talk about important issues but ultimately, supporters expect results. When fund raising is based on support of a specific issue, people want to see real results, oddly enough. Hand-wringing just doesn’t work after a point. Huffington Post:

Immigration advocacy groups have a message for President Barack Obama: Stop using the DREAM Act to ask for campaign money unless you can deliver relief from deportation for undocumented youth.

United We DREAM, a group of young people pushing for the bill, started a petition last week asking the president to remove discussions of the bill in campaign literature and fundraising emails unless he is willing to use his executive power to block deportations for DREAM Act-eligible students.

The DREAM Act would grant legal status to some undocumented young people who came to the U.S. as children and are now looking to attend college or join the military.

Why won’t the President use his executive power to block those deportations?

Obviously, these ads show the President is courting Latino voters. They helped elect him in 2008. But, there are problems now. Obama didn’t delivered on his promise to enact immigration reform during his first year. Even worse, Obama is deporting more immigrants than Bush did — including DREAM-eligible students (not just criminals, as claimed.) Polling from Latino Decisions shows that Obama’s approval rating with Latino voters is 73%, but only 41% are planning to vote for his reelection. As the pollsters note, “This 32 point gap could spell trouble down the road.” Sure could. And, that probably explains why Obama is reaching out and doing ads now. But, as the actions speak louder than words. Obama has the power to stop the deportations, but won’t (like “we have to defend DOMA” — even though they didn’t have to.) More from Huffington:

As the deportations continue, DREAM Act supporters say it is disingenuous for Obama to use his support for the bill to drum up support for his reelection.

“Every time I talk to folks, people are really angry about it,” Saavedra said. “Knowing he can do something about it is frustrating people the most.”

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