Huntsman says he believes in science and gets attacked for his views

I’m actually surprised that Huntsman didn’t throw climate science under the bus like the rest of the Republican field. In an interview with Time Magazine he was asked whether he believed in climate change.

You also believe in climate change, right?

This is an issue that ought to be answered by the scientific community; I’m not a meteorologist. All I know is 90 percent of the scientists say climate change is occurring. If 90 percent of the oncological community said something was causing cancer we’d listen to them. I respect science and the professionals behind the science so I tend to think it’s better left to the science community – though we can debate what that means for the energy and transportation sectors.

In Huntsman’s defense the number of scientists who affirm that climate change is real is around 97%.

Meanwhile right-wing bloggers are attacking Huntsman for his scientifically sound assessment.

It’ll be interesting to see how closely Republican primary voters will mirror the views of right-wing bloggers. In March 60.9% of Republican primary voters said they believe in climate change while 44% believe in global warming (apparently 16% of Republican voters don’t know that the two terms are synonymous). In a crowded Republican field with only one candidate who believes in science and scientific consensus either of those numbers are big enough to build a plurality, especially in a state like New Hampshire where moderate and liberal independents are also voting in the primary.

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