Bunch of old white guys want to give states the power to repeal acts of Congress

I’m sure they’d never have supported the states repealing the Civil Rights Act.  Sure.  (There’s a reason they’re all old white Republican men proposing this nutty idea.)

Republicans know their party is much better at convincing the public to do things, en masse, against its own interest.  So what better than to let states repeal individual acts of Congress.  Forget about those crazy old guys who wrote the Constitution, the guys who Republicans always tell us already thought of everything.  Apparently their original intent for how our country would work is no longer relevant.  Why?  Because the Republican party would like the ability to use the power, and terror, of the masses to do a lot of nasty stuff that would never make its way through Congress and past any president.  And that’s just no fun when you’re more autocrat than democrat.

In a very real way the Republicans hate our system of government and the fact that it guarantees a freedom from tyranny that often trumps the GOP’s wackier ideas.  It’s why you see the Republicans routinely undermining an independent judiciary, and now you see them undermining our entire system of federal governance.  They think the Framers got it wrong – that at its core, our country was made wrong – simply because they can’t always get everything they want.

I’ll close with the words of one of our commenters:

Well, it’s called nullification, and there’s nothing new about it. We fought a war that killed over 600,000 of our citizens to defeat this idea. And the adherents of the idea were regarded as traitors to the Union. These guys just want to re-fight the War of Southern Rebellion.

More on nullification here.

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