Bin Laden’s estate was near Pakistan’s “West Point”, hospital, golf course and airport

For those who wondered whether or not some forces inside Pakistan were aiding bin Laden, this might help explain a few things. Huffington Post:

Abbottabad, an hour’s drive from the beautiful tourist town of Nathiagali, has its own airport. That would have made it convenient and easy for visitors to come to Bin Laden, and for him and his team members to leave quickly if they had warning of an attack. And while all of this is preliminary information, it paints a picture of a life lived in luxury, in the shadow of a major military base.

Local reports first indicated there had been a helicopter crash and the sound of heavy gunfire near the Pakistan Military Academy on the Kakul Road. The Military Academy is described as “Pakistan’s West Point.” Students of military uprisings may remember that a number of coups have been instigated by officer cadres who formed alliances in military academies.

The Frontier Force Regiment, which is based in Abbottabad, contains 67 armored and artillery battalions. It fought in several battles with India over the disputed province of Kashmir, and served as part of the multinational coalition that battled Iraq in the 1991 Gulf War. The Abbottabad base also features the Army Medical Center, a full hospital capable of treating virtually any kind of health problem. (If Bin Laden suffered renal failure, as was widely rumored, this would have been an ideal location.)

Video is starting to emerge of the compound:

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