Religious right hate group accuses Calvin Klein of hiding f-bomb in scantily clad NY billboard

Some hate groups have far too much time on their hands. (And they are a hate group.) This, from an email sent out today by the American Family Association:

The super-sized advertisement seems to subliminally spell out the F-word, although you may need to look twice

There’s a small table in the background of the image, which is partially blocked by model Lara Stone’s leg, thus creating an “F” shape. The model is strategically leaning forward, and the top of her black briefs strategically creates a “U” and then Calvin Klein’s “ck” signature is cunningly placed alongside.

Accident or carefully put together?

Yes, a very cunning linguist, that Calvin Klein – hiding sexual messages in what appears to be ordinary text. Now, granted, I’m not exactly the target audience for a female model, but I’m gonna bet that straight guys (and lesbians) don’t really need a subliminal “u” to get them to look at the model’s panties.

And in case you’re having a hard time finding the hidden sexual innuendo, I’ve marked up the photo to show you where they think the F and the U are hidden:

And hello, her cleavage creates a much better U, but whatever.

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