Please help save a no-kill animal shelter in Bloomfield, New Jersey

It’s local politics, and a nice thing to help out on. Make sure you “like” the Facebook page, they’re trying to get the numbers up for tomorrow’s city council vote on closing the shelter.

From AMERICAblog reader Steve:

I don’t post many pictures of Looch (above) because he’s afraid of the camera but every now and then I’m able to get a shot off before he realizes whats happening.

Looch came to us 4 years ago from a kill shelter that we rescued him from. He now lives happily with my brother-in-law and he has turned out to be an awesome friend and companion.

Kill shelters suck but they at least give a pet a second chance of finding a new home.

My town has a no-kill shelter that they are trying to shut down, the vote is tomorrow. As of last week they told us they would find money to keep it open but it’s sad how quickly things change and we are back at square one and the cross hairs are on the shelter again.

If you haven’t done so please call or e-mail my mayor and tell him how bad of an idea it is to close the no-kill shelter. His contact information can be found here as well as any number of other town reps you can call to express your outrage.

Also, if you support this cause please go here and “like” the Facebook page so that we can show our mayor how many people object to the closure. It doesn’t matter if you live in my town or not, as the old saying goes, “vote early and vote often!”, it’s the democratic way!

Mayor Raymond McCarthy: [email protected]

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