Maddow calls out CNN — Why is the press abetting the “birther racket”?

It’s been birther heaven the last few weeks, with Trump trumpeting his claims (and letting his freak flag fly) and everyone else covering it like it matters.

The O’Donnell program was particularly strange, in that he excoriated the whole world, it seems, for giving voice to The Donald (“that silly man”) and to the racist claims he touts, yet doing so in a show devoted almost entirely those claims and those silly people.

He even dragged in Orly Taitz for a cameo. She didn’t disappoint. It was, well, asking much to take it all in, but sometimes O’Donnell does ask much.

Rachel Maddow did the Diss-the-Donald thing much more succinctly (one segment) by calling out birtherism as “a racket,” then asking, Why, mainstream press, are you covering it?

In her version, CNN’s Ed Henry makes a cameo appearance, in the portion that starts at 11:40. (Ed appears for a close-up at 12:12.) Watch:

Yes, Ed Henry was indeed called out. It makes you wonder. Is he an unwitting tool? A closet “fellow traveler”? A common career-seeker? Or just a guy whose dog really did eat his homework? Who knows — I leave it to the Henry-followers to figure that out.

But something that slipped by me the first time, and didn’t the second, was this (at 1:55) — you can help underwrite ads for the Corsi birther book with a monthly deduction from your account. A monthly deduction.

They might as well just stick their hand in the pocket of the rubes and ask, “Can I leave this here for a while?”

P.T. Barnum on steroids. At least with Barnum, you only paid once to get into the girlie tent. Jeez. (And I mean that literally, since Jesusland is the target for this stuff.)

But back to Maddow’s main question. “Why is it being pushed by journalists?” Why indeed; I leave the reason to your conspiracy-addled imaginations.


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