84% oppose GOP Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan

From Ezra Klein:

You know what’s not popular? Reforming Medicare such that beneficiaries “receive a check or voucher from the government each year for a fixed amount they can use to shop for their own private health insurance policy.” According to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, 65 percent of Americans oppose the idea — about the same number who dismissed it in 1995. And if they’re told that the cost of private insurance for seniors is projected to outpace the cost of Medicare insurance for seniors — which is exactly what CBO projects — more than 80 percent of Americans oppose the plan.

But it’s not just sweepingly ideological reforms that are unpopular. Cutting Medicare polls poorly even if you leave out the details. Almost 80 percent of Americans oppose Medicare cuts in the abstract, while 70 percent oppose Medicaid cuts. Slightly over half of the country wants the Defense Department left alone. The only deficit-reduction option that is popular? Raising taxes on the rich. That gets the go-ahead from 72 percent of us — though, as any budget wonk will tell you, it can’t solve anything beyond a small fraction of our fiscal problem.

I’m not entirely sure what Ezra means by that last sentence. Perhaps he means ONLY raising taxes on the rich rather than raising them on everyone. For example, we learned the other day that if the Bush tax cuts are permitted to lapse for everyone it would solve 75% of the deficit over the next five years, and 40% of the deficit over the next twenty years. This single Republican demand is causing between half to three-quarters of the entire deficit.

So just to clarify, the problem isn’t that raising taxes won’t help. It’s that only raising taxes on the rich won’t help nearly enough. It has to be everyone. Which kind of sucks. But might be acceptable IF the GOP makes just as large of concessions, which is unlikely.

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