Huckabee backs away from birther claim, badly

We reported earlier this evening that GOP presidential wannabe Mike Huckabee went on a diatribe about how Obama was raised in Kenya and that makes him anti-British.  Obama was not raised in Kenya.  But that didn’t stop Huckabee.

Now Huck claims it was all a mistake, he meant Indonesia.  Really?  Because Huckabee explained how Obama’s childhood in Kenya impacted Obama’s understanding of a specific Kenyan revolution (I had to to look it up).  The revolution was in Kenya, not Indonesia.

Huckabee had clearly thought this entire “Obama influenced by evil Kenya” script out in advance, so there’s no way it was just a slip of the tongue.  The entire thing was about Kenya.

Not to mention, where does fat white boy get off knocking people who’s roots include other countries?   Hello, welcome to America, Mr. Huckabee.  Then again, that would be attempting to putting a logic overlay on something deeply illogical: pandering to racism and visceral hatred in an attempt to woo the votes of the crazy people who make up a growing segment of the Republican party.

As Daily Dish notes, while Huckabee may seem affable enough, he’s really not.  And if he has to pander to racists to climb his way to the top of the GOP, then racist he will go.

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