GOP now demonizing high-speed rail same way they demonized health care reform

Yes, let’s ensure that our country doesn’t enter the 21st century until the 22nd century. God forbid our technology advanced a little and caught up with Europe and Japan. France had high speed rail in the early 80s. Will the US ever get it? Not if Republicans have their way. They’re now demonizing high speed rail projects simply because the President wants them. It’s disturbing behavior to say the least. I can see them having a true intellectual disagreement about a policy issue (though, their objections to health care reform were never real – they made most of it up). But trying to stop the country from finally improving its antiquated rail system?

It’s a dangerous move from the GOP, it hurts our country, and it’s sadly what they always do. Republicans want to win at all costs, not because they think they’re right on an issue, but rather because they think it will hurt Democrats to lose. So even if an issue is a good thing, the GOP will try to block it, will lie about it (think death panels and global warming), simply because it benefits them politically, even if it hurts the country.

Republicans like to think they’re the patriotic party. They’re the America-firsters. They’re destroying this country, as the rest of the world passes us by.

PS It might have been nice for The Hill to put a little balance in their story, rather than simply parroting every GOP lie and then quoting no one rebutting them. Yes, the Hill quotes some sources lamenting the controversy. How about actually telling us whether the GOP accusations are true or false? How about quoting someone actually rebutting the accusations with facts?

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