Donald Trump: No photos exist of Obama before the age of 13 (lie) and no one has seen Obama’s birth certificate (lie)

Donald Trump on the View:

“Show me a picture [of Obama],” he says. “I’ve seen 14-year-old, I’ve seen 13-year-old. I haven’t seen early pictures.”

Perhaps because you’re an idiot?

Here’s an obscure photo, never seen before today, that Dave Weigel somehow dug up from an old shoe box:


“I want him to show his birth certificate. There’s something on that birth certificate that he doesn’t like.”

Uh, Obama “showed” it over two years ago. Here it is, via Snopes.

Dave has the video of Trump saying all of this garbage.

Look, Trump doesn’t believe a word he’s saying. What’s sad about this Academy Award winning performance by Trump on the View is that Trump thinks he has to become a neanderthal in order to win the GOP presidential nomination. And sadly, he’s right. Look at the field. Try to find anyone presenting themselves as a moderate. Even Giuliani, who used to dress in drag no less, had to present himself as some born-again Rambo last time around (who can forget: A noun, a verb and 9/11?) just to get noticed.

But think about it. The issue isn’t even that the GOP candidates need to move to the right for the primary. That’s often expected in either party. What’s troubling is that you have to move into crazyland in order to even consider becoming the GOP candidate. Thus Trump’s newfound embrace of birtherism, full of new detailed lies such as the “fact” that no one has ever seen a photo of Obama before the age of 13, and no one has seen his birth certificate, even though both are on this page right now.

And for anyone still not sure about the birth certificate issue, go to Snopes, “the” number one site on the Web for debunking and/or confirming urban myths and read what they found out about Obama’s birth certificate.

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