Austan Goolsbee weasels on Social Security benefit cuts

Based on this interview with Austan Goolsbee, it looks like Team Change hasn’t given up “fixing” Social Security on the backs of the needy and the recipients. O’Donnell, to his credit, questions him pretty closely. The obviously weaselly answer is the result.

The Goolsbee interview starts at 3:20; the Social Security discussion starts at 7:15. At 8:30, weasel words begin leaving Goolsbee’s mouth — and they just don’t stop. Watch:

Kudos to O’Donnell (who’s a benefit hawk himself) for pressing this hard. Question: Are you open to small changes to Social Security benefits, changes that would not be called “slashing”?

Goolsbee: “We don’t have a specific plan” … we want an “open discussion” … the president won’t weaken Social Security “including especially ideas about privatization” … but he “will look at” things that “insure the solvency” of the program. Weasel. They still want at it.

And by “they” I mean Obama. The Bush tax cuts blow a hole, and Social Security benefits are the fix. Dems, Reps, doesn’t seem to matter.

As I said before, the problem the big boys have with the SS Trust Fund is not when it will spend its last dollar — it’s when it will spend its first dollar (see here, point 4).

After all, that’s the date the Treasury has to make good those special-issue U.S. bonds, and the government will have to get the money (for more tax cuts) from somewhere else.

This is Cave Week come home. “From your pocket to mine, sucker” indeed.


UPDATE: Joan McCarter has more on this from admin-ally Claire McCaskill. It’s everywhere.

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