UK to Gaddafi loyalists: Quit now or face war crimes

It’s time the rest of the world gets behind this both in the UN and directly between the country and Gaddafi loyalists. The Guardian:

Britain’s direct warnings to Libyan officials coincided with a joint British and French draft UN security council resolution the Libyan leadership to face war crimes prosecutions at the international criminal court for attacks on protesters. The resolution also called for travel bans and asset freezes for Libya’s leaders.

Gaddafi showed no sign of heeding the warnings. Reports said that gunmen in cars in the capital, Tripoli, opened fire on protesters as they emerged from Friday prayers.

Nearby, in Green Square, the Libyan leader made another defiant televised appearance, promising to arm his supporters. “Retaliate against them, retaliate against them,” he told a crowd of loyalists from the ramparts of a crusader fort overlooking the square. “Dance, sing and prepare. Prepare to defend Libya, to defend the oil, dignity and independence.”

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