New CPAC head apparently plans to ban Dick Cheney next year

The new head of CPAC, the biggest conservative conference of the year, just said that you’re not welcome to next year’s conference if you support gays in the military and/or marriage equality for gays.  At first he said “groups” wouldn’t be welcome, then he went on to say that individuals would be welcome if they didn’t support lifting the ban or marriage.

That means Dick Cheney is banned from CPAC.

As is Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Admiral Mullen and Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

And Ted Olson.

And Laura Bush.

And let’s not forget that Sarah Palin tweeted a comment about the gay ban being silly.

CPAC may need to trade that big tent in for a pup tent next year.

The good news, at least the official hate groups may now come back next year.  Pretty clear where the GOP’s loyalties lie.  Better to have the attendance of a group listed alongside the Klan than to have some gays (and gay-lovers) show up.

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