Koch brothers behind anti-union attacks in Wisconsin

Just like the Teabagger movement, the theater in Wisconsin is heavily funded by the extreme right wing and deep pocketed Koch brothers. Wisconsin GOP governor Scott Walker owes the Koch brothers for his victory in the elections. The phony “Americans for Prosperity” is another far right group in the mix that watched their budget grow substantially thanks to Koch funding. The Koch brothers are clearly not impacted by the decline of the middle class, so of course they can’t relate to the financial disruptions of recent years. Now that they have helped start the fiasco in Wisconsin, they intend to take their big money on the road to Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana.

Again, why do these far right extremists keep blaming the unions for what we know was a Wall Street caused recession? NY Times:

What Mr. Phillips did not mention was that his Virginia-based nonprofit group, whose budget surged to $40 million in 2010 from $7 million three years ago, was created and financed in part by the secretive billionaire brothers Charles G. and David H. Koch.

State records also show that Koch Industries, their energy and consumer products conglomerate based in Wichita, Kan., was one of the biggest contributors to the election campaign of Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, a Republican who has championed the proposed cuts.

Even before the new governor was sworn in last month, executives from the Koch-backed group had worked behind the scenes to try to encourage a union showdown, Mr. Phillips said in an interview on Monday.

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